Celebrating TEN 5-star reviews in a row on TripAdvisor!

Our 10th five-star review in a row on TripAdvisor. We are so lucky to have such awesome alumni! Thanks D. It was a blast getting to know you.

From TripAdvisor:

¡Gracias mi surf hermano!

Ok, soy Canadiense (woot woot – it’s how I roll) and until today had only cold water surf experience (Tofino, BC). I am so blessed to have shared surf today with Julio – he has the same respect for the sea as I have found in friends at home. Today was about welcoming wisdom from Julio and improving my connection with the waves. I am very grateful for his easy way, his awesome sense of humour and his respect for all people. Did I yet note he is a great teacher? Techniques tweaked (ok self-cultivated bad habits overhauled lol) but not with “do this/do that” but rather “try this way and now try that way – and see and understand why one is much better than the other?” Great chats my friend between waves and I look forward to the next chance to share surf, side by side 🙂


Visitado el Agosto de 2013

Surf Lesson Reviews

We are only human, and when we get something like this (see below)…Well, it really makes us smile.  It makes me think we should all say something nice to each other daily and keep the good vibes flowing.  So here it goes, we think you are SWELL!  Yep, you sitting at that computer screen, you are pretty darn great.

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From TripAdvisor, November 2012

We visited zicatela a few weeks ago, friends recommended Julio as one of the best, and we absolutely had the time of our lives taking his classes! We only had limited time and took two classes, would have taken more if possible. Both classes were at different beaches, depending on your level, for us as beginners I think conditions were perfect, adding to the fact that Puerto Escondido is a beautiful place to learn.
Julio is a great person with a very positive and relaxed attitude, professional at all times and endless experience, he really took his time and inspired us to give our best. I ended up really tired, sunburnt (don´t forget sunblock!), but very happy!!!
Pura buena onda!

Sascha & Ivan

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Surf Lesson Review

It’s never too late to learn to surf

Our man Gary catching the  "Surf Stoke" at 60.

Our man Gary catching the “Surf Stoke” at 60.

Gary took surf lessons with us in January 2013 in Puerto Escondido, Oax.

TripAdvisor Jan 24, 2013:

“I am 60 and had never surfed. i had Julio as an instructor and he was exceptionally patient and knowledgeable. He was able to identify what i was doing wrong immediately. It took almost no time to get comfortably up on the board with a push and on the second day entirely on my own. Great experience.”

Surf Lessons – So much fun, it’s contagious!

Surf Lessons – So much fun, it’s contagious!

This started out as a surf lesson for one, but before the surf lesson was over all of her girlfriends wanted to try as well!

TripAdvisor review, Jan 4 2013:

I’m travelling and been in Puerto Escondido just few day, but surfing was one of my unreal dreams!
So, one day i saw how one man easily and masterfully catching every wave in the ocean! It was Julio, my first teacher of this sport! He show me how to keep the balance, how to safely fall, pointed out my mistakes and keep on fun mood for all time!
I so dreamed about this experience! Julio, thanks a lot for your lessons to me and my friends! I’ll back with surfboard for surfing! this is for sure 😀