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We are only human, and when we get something like this (see below)…Well, it really makes us smile.  It makes me think we should all say something nice to each other daily and keep the good vibes flowing.  So here it goes, we think you are SWELL!  Yep, you sitting at that computer screen, you are pretty darn great.

Now go tell someone else how they make you feel and let’s change the world one sweet message at a time.

From TripAdvisor, November 2012

We visited zicatela a few weeks ago, friends recommended Julio as one of the best, and we absolutely had the time of our lives taking his classes! We only had limited time and took two classes, would have taken more if possible. Both classes were at different beaches, depending on your level, for us as beginners I think conditions were perfect, adding to the fact that Puerto Escondido is a beautiful place to learn.
Julio is a great person with a very positive and relaxed attitude, professional at all times and endless experience, he really took his time and inspired us to give our best. I ended up really tired, sunburnt (don´t forget sunblock!), but very happy!!!
Pura buena onda!

Sascha & Ivan

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Surf Lesson Review

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