Cooling Off at the River

The other day we were working on a few art projects at home.  It was hot out, and even hotter in our apartment.  We were sweating, and soon feeling reallllly lazy and sleepy.  It was officially hammock time.  Just one problem, we don’t own a hammock.  Darn.

So instead we threw on our swimmies and headed to the river.  Brilliant idea!

During the dry season the water level drops significantly and the river runs at a brisk pace but only about 1-3 feet deep.  The water warms up in the sun and you just lay there, in the middle of this expansive puddle, feeling the current pass you by and listening to the sounds of the roosters and the occasional grunt of a pig nearby.  Pretty epic.  And it’s kinda like a free watsu massage.

We stayed until the sun dipped behind the tree line, and our fingers were prunes.

Day Tripping

After a 3 day weekend here in Mexico that brought lots of tourism to the area, and lots of surf lessons too, we decided to take a day trip to get out of town and explore a little.  First stop was one of our standby beaches, Roca Blanca.  Julio, who seems to have family in every corner of this coastal area, always gets a warm welcome by an “uncle” who owns one of the palapa restaurants that we like to visit.

We took a seat in the shade and waited patiently to see if the waves would pick up a little with low tide…but no luck.  So we ate.  After filling ourselves with seafood, we explored a little, paddled around on our boards watching the fish beneath us, and played with our underwater camera.

On our way back home, we stumbled upon a little foot path used by local fisherman to access a beach that is hidden from the road…we parked our truck and headed down the path eagerly.  Nothing is better than the promise of a secret beach.  We passed through dry forests with spindly bare branches accentuated by the bright yellow flowers blooming on a few.  Dipped down into jungle, zigged and zagged to avoid the mosquitoes, and about 30 minutes later ended up at a huge rocky point jutting out into the ocean.  The beach to the south was dotted with lean-tos the local fishermen make from branches and dried palm fronds, but there wasn’t a soul around.

We took a quick dip, a few snaps and headed back up the dusty path.  Thirsty, we stopped and had fresh coconuts at the local stand.  The owners, a nice couple who know Julio’s father and grandfather, entertained us with stories and invited us back to fish with their son at the beach we had just visited.  We bought some sweet coconut tostadas from the little boy across the street, piled back into the truck and headed home.  A little sun burnt, a little sleepy, but refreshed from our mini-vacay.

Surf Lesson Reviews

We are only human, and when we get something like this (see below)…Well, it really makes us smile.  It makes me think we should all say something nice to each other daily and keep the good vibes flowing.  So here it goes, we think you are SWELL!  Yep, you sitting at that computer screen, you are pretty darn great.

Now go tell someone else how they make you feel and let’s change the world one sweet message at a time.

From TripAdvisor, November 2012

We visited zicatela a few weeks ago, friends recommended Julio as one of the best, and we absolutely had the time of our lives taking his classes! We only had limited time and took two classes, would have taken more if possible. Both classes were at different beaches, depending on your level, for us as beginners I think conditions were perfect, adding to the fact that Puerto Escondido is a beautiful place to learn.
Julio is a great person with a very positive and relaxed attitude, professional at all times and endless experience, he really took his time and inspired us to give our best. I ended up really tired, sunburnt (don´t forget sunblock!), but very happy!!!
Pura buena onda!

Sascha & Ivan

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