MORE reviews!

I have already posted these to our facebook page, but thought I should share them here too.  We have been getting some really special reviews lately from happy surf students and we want to celebrate that.

Tiene toda la paciencia, y no se rinde hasta que te levantas en la ola. Muy buena onda, respetuoso, amable, paciente… aparte de ser todo un artista!

I had Julio Soto and Hector as our instructors for surfing, Julio and Hector gave my daughter and me lots of patience and confidence taking the waves. Watching my kid standing up on the board taking the waves was priceless. Great instructors, time when flying hanging out with them.

My wife and I were in Puerto in November and had Julio and his friend Hector give us a surf lesson. I had been on boards a lot but my wife hadn’t ever. Julio went over everything on dry land first and I was impressed with the way he explained everything and had us feeling confident before we ever paddled out. I’ve had surf lessons before from various people and I have to say that Julio gave the best explanation ever, in a step by step way, about how to paddle out, how to catch a wave, and how to get from prone to standing up I ever heard. Out in the water, what he said on land still made sense and he gave feedback on how to improve after every wave. Moreover I found him honest in his love for the ocean and his dealings with people, both his students, his friends and all others on the beach and in the water. I’m still no surf god, but his lesson helped a lot. He also has a great shop in town with some really cool artwork. Kudos, Julio!


We love the reviews!  There are a few more that I haven’t published yet and will post them soon.

Surf Lessons – So much fun, it’s contagious!

Surf Lessons – So much fun, it’s contagious!

This started out as a surf lesson for one, but before the surf lesson was over all of her girlfriends wanted to try as well!

TripAdvisor review, Jan 4 2013:

I’m travelling and been in Puerto Escondido just few day, but surfing was one of my unreal dreams!
So, one day i saw how one man easily and masterfully catching every wave in the ocean! It was Julio, my first teacher of this sport! He show me how to keep the balance, how to safely fall, pointed out my mistakes and keep on fun mood for all time!
I so dreamed about this experience! Julio, thanks a lot for your lessons to me and my friends! I’ll back with surfboard for surfing! this is for sure 😀