A great review to add some sunshine to this overcast afternoon!

Surf Review From TripAdvisor:

“Great Teacher (Buen Maestro)!!”

“I went to Puerto escondido and had Julio Soto for my instructor for my first surf lesson, he had me taking waves on my second try! He is a great teacher with the correct approach to teaching something new. I was a teacher myself and I wouldn’t ask for anything more in the lesson. Don’t forget to stop by his store and check out his personal art, Great guy, ask for Julio!”
Thanks for the review!  We hope to see you back in Puerto in the future 🙂 


That spooky time of year is fast approaching, and in honor of all things macabre we have a bunch of gruesome key chains and hair clips from a Mexico City resin artist we met a few months back.  Each piece is hand detailed and incredibly realistic.  It’s quite a departure from the bright, whimsical pieces we usually carry in the shop, but we were impressed, and a little grossed out, by his creations and thought we’d share.  Come get one if you DARE!!!!!

zombie heads, fingers keychains

zombie heads, fingers keychains

Celebrating TEN 5-star reviews in a row on TripAdvisor!

Our 10th five-star review in a row on TripAdvisor. We are so lucky to have such awesome alumni! Thanks D. It was a blast getting to know you.

From TripAdvisor:

¡Gracias mi surf hermano!

Ok, soy Canadiense (woot woot – it’s how I roll) and until today had only cold water surf experience (Tofino, BC). I am so blessed to have shared surf today with Julio – he has the same respect for the sea as I have found in friends at home. Today was about welcoming wisdom from Julio and improving my connection with the waves. I am very grateful for his easy way, his awesome sense of humour and his respect for all people. Did I yet note he is a great teacher? Techniques tweaked (ok self-cultivated bad habits overhauled lol) but not with “do this/do that” but rather “try this way and now try that way – and see and understand why one is much better than the other?” Great chats my friend between waves and I look forward to the next chance to share surf, side by side 🙂


Visitado el Agosto de 2013

Surf Lesson Reviews keep us Motivated!

From TripAdvisor:

“Julio Soto, Zicatela, escuela de surf”

5 de 5 estrellasOpinión escrita el 18 junio 2013

La pasamos excelente en Puerto escondido, más bien en Zicatela. Me dio unas clases de surf Julio Soto, muy pedagogo y con mucha paciencia !! Me subí en unas olas a la primera vez !! Me llevó a varias playas para buscar las olas que me correspondian mejor (o sea pequeñitas al inicio, y poco más altas los últimos días), y hasta la música que pone en su coche me cayó perfecto.
Se lo recomiendo !!! Es muy buena onda, y conoce a todo el pueblo, lo que te hace ganar tiempo para encontrar buenos hoteles, bares y restaurantes barratos y buenos.

Visitado el Junio de 2013