Zicazteca (see-kah-steh-kah)

A surf school in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca at the renowned Zicatela Beach.

Zicatela is the Nahuatl (Aztec) name for the expansive beach and powerful wave that draws international surfers and competitions to the region each year.  Zicatela means “place of large thorns”; a reference to the large, black thorns found along the coast here.

As a child I developed the habit of breaking the points off the thorns that would occasionally get stuck in my foot, before throwing them back on the sand.  That way, the next person to walk in my path would not suffer the same fate.

Today I have a surf school here and my goal is the same: to allow my students to experience this spectacular and powerful wave, while benefiting from all my knowledge to keep them safe.

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I have spent my whole life surfing here.  If you can believe it, my brother and I started out catching waves using a broken piece of boogie board foam!  But we were hooked after that first wave and would spend all day playing with that scrap.

Thus, the name Zicazteca is a tribute to this incredible beach of my youth and all its mythical Aztec heritage.

This is my invitation to you:  Come surf with us!  You are in good hands.

~ Julio Soto Noyola