Cooling Off at the River

The other day we were working on a few art projects at home.  It was hot out, and even hotter in our apartment.  We were sweating, and soon feeling reallllly lazy and sleepy.  It was officially hammock time.  Just one problem, we don’t own a hammock.  Darn.

So instead we threw on our swimmies and headed to the river.  Brilliant idea!

During the dry season the water level drops significantly and the river runs at a brisk pace but only about 1-3 feet deep.  The water warms up in the sun and you just lay there, in the middle of this expansive puddle, feeling the current pass you by and listening to the sounds of the roosters and the occasional grunt of a pig nearby.  Pretty epic.  And it’s kinda like a free watsu massage.

We stayed until the sun dipped behind the tree line, and our fingers were prunes.

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