Concierge in your pocket?

I recently downloaded the newest edition of an e-guide called Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials app…and we are so thrilled to be listed in it!  Keep your eyes posted as Julio pops up in a few places (for both his surf lessons and his artwork).  I don’t know if it’s cause we are still somewhat new on the scene, but we get reeeeaaaally excited when people write about us, review us or generally recognize in any way this little labor of love that is Zicazteca.  🙂

This is a really handy and discreet little guide for your i phone, so no one needs to know you are trying to find the nearest sushi restaurant/yoga class/or place to get your hair did.  Best of all, it is a compilation of recommendations written by someone who actually lives here, so you know the suggestions have been well researched (and updated frequently).

If you are thinking about visiting Puerto Escondido, we think this little app is truly worth it.  It’s “like having a concierge in your pocket” but way more affordable.

Check it out here:


Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials app

Recent Storms and Surf Lessons

In light of the two tropical storms that passed through Mexico (East and West coast) this past week and the resulting flooding I thought I would mention how we deal with such events here at Zicazteca Surf School.

First let me say that we fared much better than many other communities across Mexico.  Please see the end of this post for info on how to help the victims of the worst flooding and those that have been cut off from help due to landslides.

During the 4 solid days of heavy rain, we had to cancel many classes (fully refunded).  We appreciate the dedication of our potential students, braving downpours to come by the shop to set up surf lessons, but ultimately it was determined the conditions were not favorable for classes.

To be honest, other surf schools did take groups out during the downpours.  So why didn’t we?  We passed by the only beach where the waves might have been calm enough to give a lesson during the storm swell.  The waves there were large and powerful, and in such a small bay this can create very strong currents that quickly whisk surfers toward the rocks that line the edges, or out to the open ocean.  In addition, during heavy rains, all sorts of trash and debris gets swept out into the ocean.  This debris can be rather large, like tree trunks and big branches, car tires etc. which become potentially dangerous obstacles out in the water.  Lastly, all that run-off can sometimes cause infections in those with low resistance, especially tourists (infections of the eye, throat, ear, stomach).

We are a close knit community so throughout the weekend we heard from those who had taken students out under these conditions as well as experienced surfers who went to ride the unusually big swell at Carrizallilo beach.  All the stories we heard just reinforced our decision to cancel classes.  Experienced surfers called it quits after just a few waves because the currents were outrageous, and instructors complained that they spent all their time just trying to keep their students safe.

As Julio explained to the 3 young men who wanted to take their first surf lesson before leaving for Oaxaca City:  “Surfing is a beautiful sport, and you should try it for sure.  Next time you are on the coast, give it a try.  But I don’t want to take you out for your first experience under these conditions and risk you having an experience that is not fun, or even scary and turns you off surf forever.”

Bottom line is, our instructors WANT to work, but we will put your experience and your safety first every time.  That’s just how we do it.

If you wish to help the victims of these torrential rains and tragic flooding, please visit the Mexican Red Cross webpage:

August and September (so far)

August and September have so far brought lots of surf lessons, a good amount of rain, some new board painting projects and a lot of time to start getting our online shop off the ground.  We hope in the next couple of weeks we are ready to take orders on our Ts and Tanks with Julio’s art.  One of the benefits of the online project is the fact that any print can be ordered on the shirt of your choice, something we just can’t do in the shop.  So the sky is the limit!  Tanks, T’s even Hoodies are available for those of you in colder climates.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.   Here is a little collage of the past few weeks including lessons, beach cleanups, sample apparel, and fresh paint.  Check it:

Celebrating TEN 5-star reviews in a row on TripAdvisor!

Our 10th five-star review in a row on TripAdvisor. We are so lucky to have such awesome alumni! Thanks D. It was a blast getting to know you.

From TripAdvisor:

¡Gracias mi surf hermano!

Ok, soy Canadiense (woot woot – it’s how I roll) and until today had only cold water surf experience (Tofino, BC). I am so blessed to have shared surf today with Julio – he has the same respect for the sea as I have found in friends at home. Today was about welcoming wisdom from Julio and improving my connection with the waves. I am very grateful for his easy way, his awesome sense of humour and his respect for all people. Did I yet note he is a great teacher? Techniques tweaked (ok self-cultivated bad habits overhauled lol) but not with “do this/do that” but rather “try this way and now try that way – and see and understand why one is much better than the other?” Great chats my friend between waves and I look forward to the next chance to share surf, side by side 🙂


Visitado el Agosto de 2013