Sneak Preview

We’ve been working on a new project we think you sea sirens out there will appreciate.  I can’t tell you exactly what it is yet, but come late June we will have some new inventory that we are pretty stoked about.

This project has been in the works for a while now…I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Here is a little sneak peak, but there is SO much more to come, keep an eye out.



Curator – Besos de Sal project featuring some of my favorite, hand-picked creations.

Coming soon as part of a special project entitled Besos de Sal

Coming soon as part of a special project entitled Besos de Sal

Julio Soto’s artwork on the cover of Viva Puerto magazine

I can’t believe I haven’t posted these images yet.  Julio was asked to do these covers for Viva Puerto magazine over the last couple of months.  The magazine has traditionally used only photographs for the cover.  Barbara, the magazine’s creator / editor, felt she was taking a big risk with the first cover Julio made.  However, it was so well received she asked him to draw the very next issue. Take a look!

Image shows psychedelic drawing of La Punta de Zicaztela

Viva Puerto Magazine cover art by Julio Soto, Spring 2014


Cover art for Viva Puerto by Julio Soto, image dispalys whimsical drawing of pink sheep eating lobster claw flowers which grow out of psychedelic clouds, floating over the rio barra, and campesinos in front of their cabaña.

Viva Puerto Magazine cover art by Julio Soto, Feb 2014

Surf Lessons at La Punta

These are a few snapshots I took while watching a recent surf lesson of Julio’s at La Punta in Puerto Escondido.  The photos are not the best quality from our little point and shoot camera, but our students looked great (blue and red rash guards), and certainly had a fun day out there!  Pulgas the Puppy helped coach from shore.

Gold and Fuschia

Dia de los Muertos

I adore the colors and traditions this time of year.   Last year we cleaned and decorated the tombs of Julio’s grandparents with candles, flowers and a few of their favorite items (including a slingshot and a handful of limes for his grandfather, who famously would sit on his porch and shoot the limes at passersby who dared take the shortcut through his property!) and plan on doing the same this year.  Our home is already dripping in flowers, and I would love to have the time this year to make an elaborate altar somewhere.  Certainly there will be many more photos to come as the market fills with flowers and sugar skulls.   Such a delight for the senses!!!

Day of the Dead flowers

Concierge in your pocket?

I recently downloaded the newest edition of an e-guide called Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials app…and we are so thrilled to be listed in it!  Keep your eyes posted as Julio pops up in a few places (for both his surf lessons and his artwork).  I don’t know if it’s cause we are still somewhat new on the scene, but we get reeeeaaaally excited when people write about us, review us or generally recognize in any way this little labor of love that is Zicazteca.  🙂

This is a really handy and discreet little guide for your i phone, so no one needs to know you are trying to find the nearest sushi restaurant/yoga class/or place to get your hair did.  Best of all, it is a compilation of recommendations written by someone who actually lives here, so you know the suggestions have been well researched (and updated frequently).

If you are thinking about visiting Puerto Escondido, we think this little app is truly worth it.  It’s “like having a concierge in your pocket” but way more affordable.

Check it out here:


Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials app