Concierge in your pocket?

I recently downloaded the newest edition of an e-guide called Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials app…and we are so thrilled to be listed in it!  Keep your eyes posted as Julio pops up in a few places (for both his surf lessons and his artwork).  I don’t know if it’s cause we are still somewhat new on the scene, but we get reeeeaaaally excited when people write about us, review us or generally recognize in any way this little labor of love that is Zicazteca.  🙂

This is a really handy and discreet little guide for your i phone, so no one needs to know you are trying to find the nearest sushi restaurant/yoga class/or place to get your hair did.  Best of all, it is a compilation of recommendations written by someone who actually lives here, so you know the suggestions have been well researched (and updated frequently).

If you are thinking about visiting Puerto Escondido, we think this little app is truly worth it.  It’s “like having a concierge in your pocket” but way more affordable.

Check it out here:


Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials app

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