August and September (so far)

August and September have so far brought lots of surf lessons, a good amount of rain, some new board painting projects and a lot of time to start getting our online shop off the ground.  We hope in the next couple of weeks we are ready to take orders on our Ts and Tanks with Julio’s art.  One of the benefits of the online project is the fact that any print can be ordered on the shirt of your choice, something we just can’t do in the shop.  So the sky is the limit!  Tanks, T’s even Hoodies are available for those of you in colder climates.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it.   Here is a little collage of the past few weeks including lessons, beach cleanups, sample apparel, and fresh paint.  Check it:

Street Art in Puerto Escondido

We recently moved to a new place and no longer have an internet connection at home, but…

That doesn’t mean we have not been up to new and wonderful things, in fact without the distraction of constantly Googling every zany thought or question that comes to mind, we have been getting creative and doing a lot of art and cooking at home and I have been reading non-stop lately.

Best of all, we have been swooning over the creations of this uber-talented duo – The Yok and Sheryo – who have been adding a much needed dose of art to Puerto’s public spaces.  Check out to see some of their work.

This weekend the owner of the new Puerto Tattoo Studio in Zicatela, will be tattooing a selection of small pieces by The Yok and Sheryo at an “Ink and Drink” event in the Beer Garden behind Hostal Pako Lolo.  Stop by if you happen to be in the area.

More posts to come, and hopefully some photos when I get the chance.  Ciao!