Surf Lessons at La Punta

These are a few snapshots I took while watching a recent surf lesson of Julio’s at La Punta in Puerto Escondido.  The photos are not the best quality from our little point and shoot camera, but our students looked great (blue and red rash guards), and certainly had a fun day out there!  Pulgas the Puppy helped coach from shore.

A great review to add some sunshine to this overcast afternoon!

Surf Review From TripAdvisor:

“Great Teacher (Buen Maestro)!!”

“I went to Puerto escondido and had Julio Soto for my instructor for my first surf lesson, he had me taking waves on my second try! He is a great teacher with the correct approach to teaching something new. I was a teacher myself and I wouldn’t ask for anything more in the lesson. Don’t forget to stop by his store and check out his personal art, Great guy, ask for Julio!”
Thanks for the review!  We hope to see you back in Puerto in the future 🙂 

New Surf and Adventure Packages!

We have been working with a partner to develop some awesome surf and adventure packages to offer our clients.  After all that hard work planning them out and scouting out the right connections we have decided to also offer a modified package deal straight from our website.  We are super excited to show people around this gorgeous location and share a few of our favorite spots.  This package is set up for just the right amount of fun and relaxation to pack a week without feeling like you are absolutely tied to the schedule.  Follow the link below to see what it includes and keep it in mind for your next trip to Puerto!

Adventure Package – 7 DaysSurf Lesson Puerto Escondido

Shop Julio’s Surf Art Online!

Our Online Shop is finally up and running!  Well, it has been up and ready for a while but I was nervous about taking the final step and announcing it.  But nerves be darned!  We are moving forward and are super excited about this new step.  We can now offer Julio Soto’s gorgeous and whimsical prints for sale as impeccable Art Posters printed on-demand, our tanks (we are adding to the selection soon!) printed with fun designs from Puerto Escondido, and even mugs and tote bags of the highest quality.  We hope you enjoy!  Let us know what you think please, we are still learning and growing everyday, and all your opinions will only help us get better.

Thanks / Gracias!

Ariel and Julio

Another Review!!!

Good reviews NEVER get old.  Thanks for the kind words, we hope to see you again in Puerto for more surf lessons.
From TripAdvisor:
“I was at Puerto Escondido for a few days in mid October, and definitely surf classes with Zicazteca are a MOST! Great experience, even greater teachers. An awesome way to spend a few quality hours in Puerto Escondido and have a lot of fun!”
Jelena M.
Visitado el Octubre de 2013

Gold and Fuschia

Dia de los Muertos

I adore the colors and traditions this time of year.   Last year we cleaned and decorated the tombs of Julio’s grandparents with candles, flowers and a few of their favorite items (including a slingshot and a handful of limes for his grandfather, who famously would sit on his porch and shoot the limes at passersby who dared take the shortcut through his property!) and plan on doing the same this year.  Our home is already dripping in flowers, and I would love to have the time this year to make an elaborate altar somewhere.  Certainly there will be many more photos to come as the market fills with flowers and sugar skulls.   Such a delight for the senses!!!

Day of the Dead flowers