Five Star Review on TripAdvisor

From Dale on TripAdvisor recently:

“Surfing Paradise”
I don’t write many reviews, but when something is so outstanding, I can’t resist. I was in Huatulco, Mexico with my family for a week in March 2014. We drove the hour and a half up to Puerto Escondido for a surf lesson for my wife and three kids. I have surfed in California and in Hawaii several times and taken surfing lessons on a few occasions. But our experience with Julio and Hector “Motor” at the Zicazteca Surf School blew away anything we have done in the past. We went to Carrizalillo Beach and started with some instruction on the sand then off into the waves. The waves at Carrizalillo beach were perfect for learning giving a long straight ride without the wave fully breaking so you didn’t have to surf the white wash, just a long smooth ride. Julio and “Motor” were extremely helpful and always giving great feedback. The two first timers, our 13 year old twins, took to the waves easily and were up surfing wave after wave from the very start. There was no clock on the session either. Julio and Motor just kept going as long as the waves were good. Finally the tide started coming in and the waves died out so everyone came in. These were better waves for learning than anything I have experienced in California or Hawaii, the beach was gorgeous and the Surf instruction from Julio and Hector was superior to any other surf instructors I have ever had. If you want the best surfing experience EVER, I highly recommend the guys at Zicazteca Surf School. They are the BEST!!! 

But wait, there’s more. We were not familiar with Puerto Escondido and Julio was not busy that day so he went to lunch with us and showed us his favorite authentic Mexican food (ordered stuff not even on the menu). We also were looking for some specific Mexican tapestries and he asked a few people then went by the two shops with us to help us find what we were looking for. Julio and Hector were two of the nicest and funnest guys to hang out with. We truly had a fantastic day in Puerto Escondido with the help of our new amigos Julio and Hector.

Thanks Dale and family!  We had a great time helping you plan your trip to Puerto Escondido with your family and showing you around a bit.  Hope you come back in the future 🙂










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